Martha Wilfert Norwex Independent Sales Consultant
Martha WilfertNorwex Independent Sales Consultant

Laundering your Microfiber

We recommend that you launder your cloths in your washing machine approximately every week or two depending on use, and air dry or dry in the dryer are both fine! Some tips to remember:

  • Launder microfiber with other lint-free laundry.
  • Use only Norwex Ultra Power Plus or Norwex Liquid Laundry Detergent another environmentally friendly detergent without fillers or bleach to clean our products.
  • Do not use bleach or fabric softener on microfiber.  Bleach and fabric softeners destroy the product’s ability to clean effectively.

Deep Clean

To deep clean, remove stubborn stains, or to remove odors from cloths, Norwex microfiber can be boiled for 10 minutes to allow fibers to swell and release the debris.  You can use a solution of 1/4 white vinegar to 3/4 water when boiling.

What happens if I accidentally use fabric softener or what if my cloths seem stinky?

This usually means that you have something ‘clogging’ the microfiber and it needs to be deep cleaned to eliminate that residue.  It may be fabric softener residue, soaps, or mineral content from your water.


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