Martha Wilfert Norwex Independent Sales Consultant
Martha WilfertNorwex Independent Sales Consultant

Deep Clean "How To"

If you feel your cloths are not as great as you remember...a deep clean may be in order.  You shouldn't do this too frequently, about once a quarter.  Please always remember to contact me with questions.

1. Place cloth in a bowl.

2.  Sprinkle with some Norwex Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent (contact me if you don't have any)

3.  Cover with boiling water.  If you have hard or well water, you may want to used a purified or distilled water.

4.  Soak until cool enough to handle.  Rub cloth against itself to scrub. Discard dirty water.

5. Repeat.  The boiling water opens up the fibers to release anything that is clogging the fibers, the rubbing action allows the cloth to help clean itself.

6. Repeat until water comes clear.  May take a number of times depending on how used and clogged your cloths are, as well as type of water you have.


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